Green Products


CCA’s Government Sales Division has partnered with companies like J+J/Invision and Freudenberg/Nora rubber to offer our federal and state government clients fully recyclable, environmentally compatible products. We also offer carpet, cushion and adhesives that meet CRI Green Label and Green Label Plus stringent certification standards for indoor air quality.

J+J eKo®(pronounced “echo”) modular backing system is a PVC-free backing built for an enduring and infinitely recyclable life. An endless “echo” of usefulness.

J+J/Invision products backed with eKo contain less backing materials and less embodied energy. In fact, it’s 33% lighter than conventional PVC backing. That makes it good for the environment and your budget.

This revolutionary backing is manufactured using post-consumer recycled content as well as bio-based materials. eKo backing system is designed to be closed-loop recyclability. eKo modular carpet tile is NSF/ANSI Standard 140-2007 Platinum certified – the first multi-attribute ANSI standard for environmentally preferable building materials in the construction industry.

Nora rubber flooring is extremely durable, providing an extended life cycle for any space. Low maintenance requirements reduce maintenance costs and lead to a lower environmental impact stemming from the reduction of water use and wastewater. Nora flooring is low-VOC-emitting floor that provides excellent indoor air quality, and it can also contribute to the LEED credits in a number of categories.

Eco Mat is the world’s first 100% perpetually recyclable entryway matting solution with biobased content. Its EnviroCel polyurethane backing replaces a large percentage of petroleum based components with soybean based polyols and qualifies for Federal purchasing preference under the USDA’s BioPreferred program (GSA SIN31-601). Eco Mats are customizable with your logo and may be purchased online through CCA Area Rugs & Eco Mats.

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